jobs grow on jobbies.

Disclaimer: I fully realize that this is going to make me sound ungrateful, which is far from the truth. I am incredibly grateful for the people in my life, especially their willingness to care and show their support. This post is really due to an overwhelming need for a cathartic experience due to the ample numbers of people who keep asking me, “Have you started applying for jobs?” “Do you have a job for next year?” “When can you start applying for jobs?” Blurg. I’m just tired of answering these questions with non-commital responses so that I don’t make the other person feel bad when I say, “Well, actually, I started applying for jobs about three years ago. It’s gonna happen any minute now!” People ask so innocently, with the best intentions of course, because they really have no idea what the market is like right now. What I would really like to say has already been said by none other than Charlie Day:Image



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